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Sunday, March 12, 2006


Must bands be so full of drama? Witness the following:

  • Band on the brink of dissolving recruits awesome new bass player (ahem), rehearses the songs they have played before, bass player kicks butt, they play a couple of open-mic nights, and they kick ass.
  • Band decides they must record songs in a good studio to help promote themselves
  • Band works on new songs to expand set list so they can play a full set
  • Working on new songs goes slower than hoped, so guitarist says we should hold off for a while on the recording
  • Singer has hissy fit, yells at guitarist, gives him all kinds of crap about his behavior to date (most of which the kick-ass bassist has not witnessed, him being new and all)
  • Guitarist quits
  • Bassist convinces guitarist to continue, but guitarist says new singer must be had. Bassist somewhat reluctantly agrees.
  • Singer calls bassist trying to court bassist to join up with him.
  • Singer and guitarist have extensive e-mail hate-fest.
  • Bassist contacts different singer he knows asking if new singer wishes to join band. New singer tentatively agrees, since he likes band, but then declares he's too busy (which he is) to give it the attention it deserves.
  • Guitarist sends e-mail to singer saying he'll give him one more chance.
So I've gone from being in a kick ass band, to the band no longer existing, to convincing the guitarist to continue, to the singer trying to convince me to join him, to the guitarist, drummer, and I trying to find a new singer while the guitarist and singer trash each other via e-mail, to now seeing the possibility of reconciliation.

If I didn't think we really sounded awesome, I probably wouldn't put up with such drama. My old band was completely devoid of any kind of drama whatsoever. We were also so incredibly mediocre that I couldn't stay with them. So if the choice is between mediocre with no drama and excellence with drama, I'll stick with the drama as long as I can take it.


  • Haha! Sounds familiar!!!

    My best band had the most drama (between guitarist and singer mostly, but there was tension everywhere). It was also my favourite band...perhaps because of the drama. Actually the band members who I personally had the most drama with are my all time favourite people.

    The band that where everyone was lovely and considerate and caring and where everyone communicated and was the most boring. I left.

    Maybe I really love the drama.

    By Anonymous suze, at 6:17 AM  

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