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Saturday, February 18, 2006

This one time, in band camp...

So I'm in a new band now (I told you about my old band right?), and I'm loving this band. My old one was doing covers of hard rock tunes... mediocrely. After being with them for six or seven months or so, we were still mediocre, and the other guys didn't seem to have any drive to go out and play gigs. I had to push them, and that's not a position I wanted to be in. So I shopped myself around, found a band that played original metal tunes -- though they had been on hiatus for six months or so -- and needed a bassist. A much better band. A much better situation. After four practices we played our first show -- an open mike night at a local bar -- and we were very well received, even tho the audience seemed more like a classic rock crowd. Two days later we played an open mike night at another place. A tiny little place. But, they were our crowd. A bunch of young metal heads. They loved us.

Oh, and after our first gig, the guy running the show grabbed us and insisted on booking us for one of his Saturday night shows next month -- a paying gig. Now we need to write more songs...

It was a good move.


  • Fantastic news! Having an appreciative audience is very cool :)

    By Anonymous suze, at 5:27 PM  

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