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Thursday, February 09, 2006

I have seldom seen such nonsense

Following an odd advertising link on a site I was reading today, I came across the "Crystal Clear electron water/air machine". My eyes widened in shock, surprise, and sadness when I read the following on the page explaining what this machine does:
In the beginning, as the earth cooled down, clusters of water molecules gained Electrons and tremendous energy with every expansion-contraction... explaining Biblical ages! Patents and proprietary secrets show we have duplicated that process with properties so unique we can prove in court it’s our water! These properties can also be used to expose a scam!! Today, water LACKS ENERGY because there is very little expansion-contraction AND THAT’S WHY VITAMIN/MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS PRODUCE NO RESULTS (see below).

Ordinary distilled is the worst because KEEPING WATER AT THE BOILING POINT FOR HOURS DRIVES OFF ELECTRONS NEEDED TO LIVE... it’s biologically dead, nothing will grow, fish die... it’s NOT “distilled like in nature” and yet people drink this water?? To get around the boiling problem, we boil for ONLY SECONDS (expand) and then cool about 80 degrees (contract), repeating several times a minute, GAINING ENERGY WHILE DUPLICATING NATURE’S PROCESS!!

Holy crap. I wonder if Randi knows about this one. I think it's time to notify him.


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