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Monday, November 14, 2005

Our new game

My daughter has a bunch of board games. Board games I'm really none to fond of playing, but she likes to play with me, so I suffer through Shrek or Bratz or Sorry. But I wanted to play a game we'd both enjoy and that would carry her beyond her childhood. And I remembered that whenever I see "classic" games in the stores where games such as chess and backgammon are sold, they also sell a game called Mancala. And all it looked like was a board with pits in it and stones in the pits.

But I was curious, so I looked it up in a couple of places. I found the history and rules of Mancala, and I discovered that it was pretty simple to play. I picked up an inexpensive wooden set, brought it home, and spent much of the following day (a day off) playing it with my daughter. It's actually really easy to play, but seems to vary enough each game to keep it interesting. I'm glad I researched it, and I can heartily recommend it.


  • I like Mancala. I used to have it on my phone.

    I never liked those "roll the dice and move something" type games. Even when I was little. Although I must admit I like backgammon...I guess anything that requires thought was/is good.

    There is an embarrassing exception though: I absolutely LOVED The Game of Life.

    By Blogger suze, at 1:55 AM  

  • I'm hoping to get my daughter interested enough in these games so that she'll learn chess and become good enough to whip me at it. Which she would be able to do with only the slightest skill, since I can't play it to save my life.

    By Blogger David, at 7:17 PM  

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