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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mentioned without (much) further comment

Listening briefly to NPR this morning, a reporter described a Congress-critter as a "moderate Republican". It occurred to me that I seldom heard the qualifier "moderate" applied to Democrats. Now, I don't really give a damn about all the claims of media bias, but it seems obvious that if Democrats are seldom considered "moderate" while Republicans are, then Republicans are (by definition?) considered more extreme on the whole by the media.

But was this true? Even though I hadn't remembered hearing the term "moderate Democrat", perhaps I wasn't listening for it. So a quick visit to news.google.com came to the rescue. And the results are:

So we have about a nine to one ratio of "Moderate Republican" to "Moderate Democrat".

Draw your own conclusions.

UPDATE: Doing the same search on news.yahoo.com resulted in 541 Moderate Republican articles versus 50 Moderate Democrat articles (almost 11 to 1). And doing the search on nytimes.com resulted in 1193 Moderate Republican articles versus 293 Moderate Democrat articles ("only" 4 to 1).


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