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Friday, November 11, 2005

It's English...

...and it's your native language. Learn how to use it without sounding like a frigging idiot. Is that too much to ask?

Overheard on more than one occasion: I was like... and she was like... and I was like... and she was like...

and I was like, "Shut up! Just shut the fuck up already! How can you not see how abso-frigging-lutely stupid you sound? Or don't you care? How can you not care that you sound like a moron?!? Maybe because ninety percent of the people surrounding you are morons as well..."

...on the inside. Because I'm far too polite to actually *say* anything like that.


  • It would be semi-ok if it were a teen-speak phase thing. It would be annoying, but transient. We could say, “Tut tut, the youth of today.” They’d grow out of it and reminisce along the lines of “Jeez, remember how we used to talk?!” at high school reunions and stuff.
    But no. This seems to be some kind of global lingua franca virus, and everyone is infected. Down here at the tip of Africa it’s kicking in violently too. Teens in malls, students on campus, surfers on beaches… housewives at lunch, IT people bent over their network cables, well-dressed seemingly intelligent people at fundraising functions… people who look like grownups, people with spectacles and noble noses - everyone’s doing it. And I’m like, no way. It’s like, they’re like, you know? Argh.

    Hideous. It turns me into a Potential Criminal. I am a peaceful sort but I might just punch somebody one day soon.


    By Anonymous audrey, at 4:37 AM  

  • Find your way back into your blog yet?

    By Blogger David, at 8:27 AM  

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