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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Don't you have anything better to do

...than dedicating your whole blog, multiple entries per day, every day, to how horrible Islam is?

I live and work in NY. I worked in Manhattan on 9/11. From my windows on the 12th floor of my office building, I watched the towers burn, I watched the towers fall. Not on the television: in front of my own eyes. An indirect effect of 9/11 was being laid off and out of work for many months (the popping of the late-90's tech bubble was a much more direct cause of my layoff). I have seen what blind adherence to a twisted and evil set of beliefs can produce.

Yet I fail to see what maintaining such an all-encompassing hatred against anything can produce. From my perspective, I am far more likely to be negatively affected by...

  • Taxes
  • Oil prices
  • The public school system
  • The effect on the economy of never-ending wars
  • Any number of government regulations
...than I am likely to be affected in any sense at all by Islamofascism.

If you're living and/or working in a major city (one of the top, say, ten cities in the US by population), the likelihood that you'll be hit and killed by a falling cinderblock is greater than your being affected in any way at all by something terrorist-related (except of course, random bag checks or perhaps being detained without being charged). If you *don't* live in a major city, the likelihood that you'll be affected in any way at all by something terrorist-related is statistically indistinguishable from zero.

Get over it already. Do they hate you? Do they want to kill you? Yes to both. But then, so do I.


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