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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A random walk through Wikipedia

I really like Wikipedia. For those unfamiliar with it, Wikipedia describes itself as "a Web-based, multi-language, free-content encyclopedia written collaboratively by volunteers". Anyone can create or edit any article in Wikipedia, and as its audience increases, its self-correcting capabilities increase. It has a breadth of articles which is amazing, and the depth of many of the articles is likewise astounding, considering that these are all written by people in their spare time. Additionally, all of the content is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License, so the content can be re-used by anyone, anywhere. Most of the articles are also chock-a-block full of cross-reference links to other pages in Wikipedia, for terms in the article which have corresponding pages.

One of the home page features of Wikipedia is "Random article", which does what one would expect. For fun, and because I have nothing real to post here, I've decided to go on a Random Walk through Wikipedia. I will click on Random Article repeatedly, listing the pages I hit, until I come upon a page that I find interesting enough to re-print here. If I find this fun, and if I'm sufficiently bored, I'll make this a semi-regular feature of the ALTG.

So here we go. Let's see how long it takes me to find something interesting:

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