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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Free Talk Live

Ever since I got my SanDisk MP3 player, I've been searching for great audio to download and listen to on my bike ride. I don't want to just rip the CD's I already own. One thing I've been doing is recording different Internet radio stations using Streamripper and copying the songs to my player. That's definitely a whole lot better than the radio that's currently available (BTW, commercial radio sucks donkey balls (sorry about that, but it's accurate)). However, I don't always want to listen to music; sometimes I want to listen to some kind of talk radio, however commercial talk radio also sucks donkey balls. So from time to time I've been looking for podcasts, since that's the New Big Thing, isn't it? So I read the descriptions of the various podcasts in the various podcast directories, and most of them sound like Joe Schmoe sitting in his basement, just ranting (stupidly) about (stupid) bullshit, and that's not something I really want to lose a few minutes of my life listening to.

So, on one of the podcast directory websites, I entered "libertarian" as a search term, and lo and behold, I think I finally found something worth listening to. It's a radio show called Free Talk Live, which broadcasts on a number of stations and has a podcast directory of archived shows. It's a couple of libertarian guys who pretty much seem to know what they're talking about, and have even signed up for the Free State Project. They're not quite as polished or humorous as they'd like to be, but they're pretty good. I've only listened to one archived show thus far: this one. The RSS listing for their show archive is here.

I'll be checking them out more and will report back my thoughts...


  • hey man i was searching for comments about FTL as well. I like you started listening to podcasts as well and bumped into this one. I dunno about you but i think these guys are lunatics.

    They are exactly what i do not EVER want to be.

    Ian- an extremist capitalist who believes purely free markets solves all, i bet if someone pays him 3 bucks to stfu he would, then put another crazy cat lady on his shine of female listeners. Not to mention he supports that ron paul guy yet advertises for some libertarian canditate on his show.

    Mark - ex convict, im sorry dude, i know he claims he was at the wrong place at the wrong time but you seriously had to really fuck up big time to be convicted for a FELONY. Oh yea, anyone else notice that he seems to be Ian's bitch on his show?

    callers - ive listened to maybe 6 shows, and the same callers call time and time again. the stallone sounding guy, seems like a nice guy but man the moment he says something ian doesnt like, HANGS up on the mother fucker!

    Then there is that crazy lady who claims she got connections and can get people fired, dude, even the host of the show dont believe her YET they tolerate her, or at the very least humor her again and again.

    Then there is that zigger, or ziggy, the british cripple, whoa talk about senile, poor bastard.

    Anyone who reads this you should listen to "the t-man show" its a radio show bsaed in seattle or san fransico or something, awesome radio personality, I only listened to ian and mark because i wanted to reaffirm to myself the kind of person i will strive NOT TO BE!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:35 PM  

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