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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

I was listening to the Curtis and Kuby Show on the radio this morning (770AM, WABC). Curtis Sliwa is the founder of the Guardian Angels, and Ron Kuby is a defense attorney who has appeared on many talking head news shows. Curtis is a fairly strident Republican, seldom straying from the party talking points. Kuby is very leftist, probably a communist. Unlike most radio talk shows, they actually present things from "both" sides of the political spectrum (man, I hate the nearly-universal division of the political spectrum into only two sides, but that's the topic for another rant).

A caller this morning, who identified himself as a Republican, was presenting what he saw as the most likely scenarios for how things will shake out in Iraq once the U.S. leaves. His guess was either civil war eventually resulting in an Iraq divided three ways (Kurdish, Sunni, Shiite), or another Iran.

Kuby (who has opposed the war since its start and consistently stated that we need to bring the troops home now) opined that if we leave now, there will most likely be civil war and many Iraqis will die, but no further US soldiers will die. However, if we stay another x years, and *then* leave, there will most likely be civil war and many Iraqis will die, and quite a few more US soldiers will perish than already have.

Does anyone see Iraq truly developing into a peaceful place without US forces to keep the mayhem somewhat in check?

*Note*: This post should not be construed to mean that I am in favor of keeping US forces there indefinitely. Anyone who has read posts here will know that I believe we should never have invaded in the first place.


  • I have many levels of thoughts on this issue.

    Any attempt to discuss it at the more highly charged sites I live in (such as Sir Humphreys) usually goes off topic very quickly.

    It's interesting how people pick and magnify different parts of what is said, to change what you might have meant. Mind you, a lot of what is said is provocative, but that does geenrate a bit more reflection (I hope) once the blood is mopped up!

    I believe pulling out now is the wrong thing to do. Moving from here to there, without damaging the chance Iraqi people have for establishing an essentially peaceful and democratic regime is a very tricky one.

    I certainly haven't been able to form an opinion yet on that, but I'm doing lots of reading.

    By Blogger ZenTiger, at 6:22 AM  

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