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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Brushes with fame

Anthony Gregory is a columnist who writes for Lew Rockwell, Strike The Root, and other libertarian / anarchist organizations. I've e-mailed him in the past to praise him for specific columns that he's written, and he's always been very gracious in his responses. I had occasion to e-mail him last night, to inform him of some traffic related to him that had come to my site, and since I was logged into Yahoo Messenger at the time, he IM'd me to discuss what I had e-mailed him.

He's a very cool dude. We talked for a few hours (until I had to beg off to go to bed), mostly, naturally, about things political: the various strains of libertarianism and anarchism, some interesting writers, the types of research he's doing now, and so on.

I rarely write to people whose columns I've read. If I do, usually the best response I get is a cordial Thank You, if any response at all. I just wanted to give props to a dude who, in addition to writing some excellent material, is just a nice guy, despite his well-deserved fame.


  • That's very friendly of him. Most of those writers tend to look at us readers as the "Great Unwashed". I'll have to check him out.

    By Anonymous Ruth, at 9:59 PM  

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