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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Meet the new boss...

From Chriss Matthew Sciabarra at History News Network
The President, with a Republican House, and a firmer Republican majority in the Senate, is on his way. He's won a 51% majority of the votes cast and is in the process of squeaking out an Electoral College victory. He is also a social conservative who has disowned fiscal responsibility, a free-wheeling big spender, who has yet to veto a single bill, and who will extend the welfare state domestically and abroad, as he continues to forge a nation-building crusade to bring 'democracy' to the Middle East. At the expense of American taxpayers and American lives. All in the name of a 'War on Terror' that has been damaged seriously by his Iraq adventure.

In other words: Everything today is pretty much as it was yesterday.

God help us.


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