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Monday, October 25, 2004

Why is everyone an exhibitionist?

I went and joined BlogExplosion the other day, to try and generate a little bit of traffic to the site. If I can get a few people here, maybe I can earn a dollar or two through my Google ads, y'know? As part of the deal, you have to surf sites they direct you to, and in return, they direct visits to your site, at a two-to-one (in their favor) ratio. So I'm clicking through the blogs. I've only recently started becoming a bit of a blog reader, but it's generally been politically-themed blogs, e.g., LewRockwell.com, Reason, Wendy McElroy's, and so on. It seems like the majority of the blogs I've been directed to through this service are essentially people's diaries.

What I am first surprised by is how exhibitionist everyone is. Why do you care to post on a public web site the fact that you walked your dog today, and it was really cold out, and your dog's poop was a funny color (no, I didn't actually read that on any real blog, but the things I have read were about as mundane)? The things that I post on my site tend to be politically-themed, so that I can perhaps influence one or two people to my (right) way of thinking. I keep the site anonymous, because I don't need anyone holding my views against me personally, and, hey, this isn't how I make a living anyway.

The second thing that surprises me is how many people actually comment on these personal revelations about kids, home life, or how many beers the blogger drank before returning said beers to the ecosphere.

The other item, which didn't really surprise me, but is interesting, is how many blog entries are about BlogExplosion.

*** UPDATE ***

I've noticed that a few people listed at BlogExplosion are posting poetry. Interesting. I should start writing chapters of fiction and just posting them up here and seeing what people think. Maybe I could get off my fat ass and actually write that whatever-I've-been-telling-myself-I-would-write-forever. Or maybe not.


  • Hello David

    I tracked back to you from a comment made on my blog and have made a similiar observation when searching through other's blogs in Blog Expolosion (actualy I DID find a site where someone described the fecal matter of their pet!).

    I think there is a bit of exhibitionism to the journal type blogs and to be honest there really isn't anything that you can blog about that doesn't reveal something about yourself.

    I plan to blog more about my family, not as an ego thing, but as an example or just for the humor. When people get to know you better they are more apt to be influenced by your thinking :)

    By Blogger ~DaD, at 6:28 AM  

  • I don't consider myself an exhibitionist. Yet I write mundane posts about my day.

    I do it for several reasons: 1) to keep friends/family informed about my life. I think that sharing the boring details is necessary for maintaining contact.

    2) Because I need to tell someone those things, and I don't really have anyone to share mundane life details with. Telling a void is better than telling no one.

    3) Sometimes it is the events of the day that spark of questions and ideas

    I don't expect or want thousands of strangers to read my blog. I write mostly for myself and occasionally for my friends.

    By Blogger suze, at 2:47 AM  

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