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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ignore the Campaign, Too

Russ Stein, writing at LewRockwell.com
Vote? Preposterous. Why would I voluntarily participate in a system in which, no matter what I do I can never gain any advantage over some half-crazed, drugged up senior in Florida who spent his life on welfare or "working" for some small time government bureau, and now votes for the express purpose of extracting additional medical or pension entitlements from his neighbors, paid for out of our income. What kind of scam is that? Sorry, but that’s a game I just don’t want to play.


  • Remember that when you don't vote, you (at the very least) loose the right to complain about the process. I mean, if you don't praticipate, who cares what you think? You didn't say so when it really mattered, even if your voice was overshouted.
    Federal elections are a sham; replace one puppet head with another. Voting counts at the local level. Try to make a county or a city 'dry', or want the city to pay $100k for a 10 commandments plaque in City Hall. The blue-haired set and the neo-conservatives vote because they know it's effective. If no one even bothers to show up to voice opposition, then there really is no point.

    By Blogger Grampa Caligula, at 9:07 AM  

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