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Sunday, July 04, 2004

July Fourth Barbecue...

...was nice and uneventful. My family came over; I put up a tent in the back yard to provide some shade, and that was a great idea. Cooked up some burgers, dogs, sausages; served with the basic salads and assorted junk foods. Followed up by a variety of desserts, many of which my family supplied. Everyone seemed to have a really nice time. The kids were playing with my niece, and they were enjoying themselves. It lasted longer than I expected. By the time everyone filed out, it was after 8:00 already.

Nice, quiet, family gathering. That's what should be happening. Those are the kinds of things that should be occupying life's moments. Not all the chaos of the past few weeks. Granted, it all turned out well, or it it will have turned out well once the next chapter in life officially begins. Anticipating the taste and savor of the closing of the current chapter is, however, quite sweet. I'm sure the experiencing of it will pale in comparison, but I am quite enjoying the imagined events...


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