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Monday, June 14, 2004

What a cop-out

CNN.com - Court dismisses Pledge case - Jun 14, 2004
The Supreme Court on Monday ruled that a California atheist could not challenge the words 'one nation under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance, sidestepping the broader question of separation of church and state.

The ruling -- delivered on Flag Day -- means that the full pledge will continue to be recited in the nation's public schools.

Five justices -- led by Justice John Paul Stevens -- said Michael Newdow, the father, did not have legal standing to bring the case. Newdow, who is involved in a custody dispute with the mother of their third-grade daughter, could not speak for the girl, the court ruled.

A total cop-out. Now it will be years until this issue comes up again. Granted, it's not that huge a deal, but deal with it already.


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