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Monday, June 14, 2004

Good Riddance to the Pledge

An old column by Brad Edmonds
The court was correct in adjudging that "under God" is unjustifiable. The phrase could as easily be "under Buddha," "under atheism," or "under Allah." Any of these would be threatening to nonadherents. Hurrah for the court. Unfortunately, the primary reasons the Pledge is nonsense were not at issue (understandable given the reason the case was brought -- the separation of church and state).
The Pledge would have been patently absurd, even comical, to our founders, all of whom risked their lives, fortunes, and families to overthrow the government under which they were born and to which they were expected to show allegiance.
To pledge allegiance is to say that our future will is subordinate to the government's, be the government right or wrong. This thought would have horrified the founders, and to entertain such a thought today would be to ignore the lessons of the Third Reich and other government atrocities over the last several centuries. As the founders proclaimed, liberty requires constant maintenance. Pledging allegiance to a government is not the way to maintain liberty, and abdicating even implicitly the dictates of one's own conscience is insane.

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