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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Disgusting educators

This is a practice I may have heard about in the past; I'm not quite sure. In the name of "diversity-training", a group of people is divided into two subgroups, based solely on their eye color. One group is granted "privileged, superior" status, and the other group is designated as the "inferior" group. The superior group degrades the inferior group in various ways, and this is supposed to teach the participants of the horrors of racism and discrimination. The true horror is that this is occasionally being used in public schools to teach children!

See: LINDA SEEBACH: A diversity-training tool we don't need
'The teacher made my son wear a blue card on a string around his neck. He was required to smile ingratiatingly, bow his head, and beg people to tie his shoes for him,' she wrote. 'The teacher wore a yellow card, that of the superior race, and she petted and made much of the other yellow card students.'

In a particularly nasty wrinkle, the teacher told the students chosen for the subordinate group that they would all receive Fs for their work that day and that the failing grades would be on their final transcript. And she sent them home still believing that lie.

If that had been done to me in ninth grade, little Miss Perfectionist that I was, I'd have gone home and killed myself.

'Teaching children about abuse should never include abusing them,' the mother wrote. 'Committing a hate crime should not be the way we teach our youngsters about hate crimes.'

What a vile, disgusting person, so wrapped up in her own political beliefs, she can't see what damage she is doing to children.

Another "educator" who goes to almost as heinous lengths in advancing the agenda of the politicos instead of thinking about the needs of the children under his care:

Principal Apologizes For Mock Shooting During School Drill
For the first time, the principal at the center of a controversial school safety drill in Brighton is talking about what happened.

The Bromley East Charter School principal said he was checking for three things as he walked the halls last Wednesday during a lockdown safety drill. He wanted to see if the students were out of sight, if the lights were out in the classrooms and if the classroom doors were locked.

When he came to the last room of first graders, Principal Robert Bair found that the teacher had not locked the door.

"I became angry, opened the door, and to send a message to the teacher, I opened the door, stuck my hand in and said, 'Bang, bang, bang, bang. You're dead.' I looked at the teacher sternly and stepped back out into the hallway," Bair said.

Sometimes I wish I could homeschool my kids.

Thanks to the Liberty & Power blog for the link.


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