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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Yeah, yeah...

I know I said I had a lot of things to blog about yesterday, and then I put up, what, one entry? I was busy doing other things last night, so I didn't get to it. Hopefully today. I have a bunch of web pages saved that I'm going to link to and excerpt from. Well, not a bunch, but a couple... Bush's speech on Monday, some new blog entries over at Aaron Russo's site.

And it turns out that Harry Browne finally endorsed Gary Nolan. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but outside of the LP, who has heard of him? Russo seems to have good libertarian credentials, and he has name recognition and contacts in Hollywood. I'm not crazy about his whole "alternative medicine" thing. I agree that such "practitioners" should be able to practice whatever foolishness they do, but it is foolishness and it shouldn't be made to look as legitimate as "traditional" medicine.


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