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Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The work day draws to a close

And I've spent too much time blogging. Awaiting someone's help before I can finish things up at my desk, then time for the annoying car ride home. Annoying, why? Because I can't find anything reasonable on the radio to listen to, and I end up switching stations far more than any marginally sane person should. Hm, what are my choices? Hannity followed by Marc Levin: one Bush cheerleader followed by another. Bob Grant followed by Michael Savage: one nutjob followed by another. At least the nutjobs can be somewhat entertaining at times. There are the all-news stations, but I really don't need to spend 20% of my drive listening to traffic and weather and another 20% listening to commercials. Music stations? Ha! They're more boring and programmed than the talking heads.

So there's a little clue as to why the ride home can be annoying. I guess I'll just end up getting lost in my thoughts about... what? Who knows, I'll blog about it later.


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