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Monday, May 17, 2004

Will my marriage be able to handle it?

Gay couples are marrying in Massachusetts! This must mean that my marriage will erode, since allowing gays to marry will undermine the very meaning of marriage. And my children! What about my children?!? The law of the land is not enforcing what god says, so how will they know what to think?

Oh wait, you mean that I can actually influence my children in ways other than what the law says is ok? No no, if I think something is wrong, then the law must be written to agree with my beliefs, and conversely, if the law says something is ok, then I can't tell my children otherwise.

What fools are these that think this way? Why must the fact that the law allows something mean that all of society will flush itself down the toilet? I especially love (note sarcasm) those so-called "libertarians" who say that in this particular case, the law is the appropriate way to prevent this social evil. Note that there are those who say that government should be completely out of the marriage business, that it should only be in the business of enforcing contracts (and with that I agree), but it is unlikely that the government is going to recuse itself of the power to recognize marriages, and unless it does, then it has no business deciding who can enter into a marriage agreement with whom.

The sticky part comes in with the granting of certain "rights" to marriage partners. E.g., do benefits have to be extended by employers, etc. Once again, I am firmly in favor of government keeping its nasty hands out of *any* of this. All business agreements, including employment and its benefits, should be the sole concern of the employer and employee.


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