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Sunday, May 23, 2004

Tonight's Sopranos

Let's see if I can get in everything that happened tonight:
  • Tony and Carmela are getting back together
  • Tony broke up with Valentina
  • Adriana was caught by the FBI covering up for a murder which took place in the Crazy Horse
  • The FBI told Adriana to bring in Christopher or go to jail
  • Johnny's crew told Tony's crew to bring in Tony B. or face their wrath. Tony S. said he would bring in Tony B.
  • Little Carmine got tired of all the violence and decided to call it quits, leaving NY to Johnny
  • Tony got pissed off at Christopher about something related to smuggled cigarettes, and told him to have Paulie oversee the operation and split the proceeds with him
  • Christopher got very pissed off at Tony about this and told Adriana
  • Tony S. got a call from Tony B., who is on the lam, and decided to get all his calls traced
  • Adriana tried to convince Christopher to go to the FBI, and they would go into the witness protection program. Christopher almost went for it, then saw a miserable family in a car at a rest stop.
  • Adriana received a call from Tony, saying that Christopher had attempted to commit suicide, and Silvio would be there to pick her up and take her to the hospital.
  • Silvio drives Adriana... out to the woods, where he pulls her out of the car and kills her. Christopher packs her bag and throws it somewhere where it will not be found, then leaves her car in the long term parking lot at the airport.
  • Tony finds Christopher who has had a bit of heroin, then beats him up.
  • Tony B. calls Tony S., who tells him that he's very pissed off at him, and he screwed everything up, but just to stay in hiding and never come back. He then finds out where Tony B. called him from via the call trace.
  • Tony speaks with Johnny, who is now boss of NY. Tony tells Johnny that he will give Tony B. to him, but to please make it quick. Johnny arrogantly tells Tony that Phillie will do whatever he pleases to Tony B. Tony S. then tells Johnny that it's off; he won't hand over his cousin
So it looks like war is about to ensue in the last episode, in two weeks.


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