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Thursday, May 27, 2004

Penn & Teller: Libertarian Atheists

Q: What do you two fight over? Is there something that you just can't agree on?

Penn: We're sober, libertarian, Atheist, skeptics. We're always on time and we take our work seriously. Neither one of us has ever even been late for a show. So, what's to fight over? We fight over every moment of Penn & Teller stuff with a nit picking, pedantic, ridiculous carefulness that would crack anyone else. But, that's fun.

Teller: All we fight about is the stuff we create together. We're very blunt. "That's not an idea," and, "That doesn't add up to anything," and, "Don't you know that was already done in [insert movie or TV show title here]," are three of our most common sneers.


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