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Wednesday, May 19, 2004

More from our nannies

Group Seeks to Ban Type of Fat from Foods
A U.S. consumer group asked the government on Tuesday to bar restaurants and food manufacturers from using a type of artery-clogging fat found in pastries, cookies, crackers and deep-fried foods.

Bastards. Meddling, stick-your-nose-in-where-it's-not-welcome bastards. I want my trans-fats, dammit! If I like the way it makes my food taste, then that's my prerogative. Everyone knows that eating fatty food is bad for you. Yup, some fat is worse than others, I'll certainly grant that. But not allowing people to make a choice for themselves is a bad bad thing. You, CSPI, have no right to tell me what I can put into my body.


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